10 Most Naughty Human Emotions

10 Most Prominent — Negative, Notorious & Naughty Human Emotions Are Envy, Regret, Pride, Anger, Hatred, Greed, Insensitivity, Attachment, Fear & Lust. Entire Modern Human Life Orbits Or Circles Around These 10 Unfulfilling Emotions. Sad Part Is Most Of Us Are Not Even Aware About The True Nature And Consequences Created By These Life Threatening Emotions. The Job Of 10NE’s Is To Keep Us Engaged & Busy In Some Form Or Way That Our Mind Remains Limited By Certain Beliefs And Mindsets Curtaining Larger Purpose & Real Existence Of Life, Depriving One From Self-Actualisation. Question Is How Can One Get Rid Of 10NE?

Readers May Take A Note That One Of The Underlying Importance Of Indian Festival Navratri Followed By Dussehra Is To Conquer These 10NE’s. One Must First Create Awareness About These 10NE’s Then Sideline 10NE’s By Adopting 10PE’s. What One Focuses Expands, Hence Once One Focuses On 10PE’s, Positive Emotions Prevails In One’s Life & 10NE Can’t Survive. Life Will Exit The Orbit Of 10NE Due To Force Of Momentum Created By 10PE. On The Path Of 10PE There Are No Circles, One Can Grow In Multiple Dimensions And With Multiple Folds. It’s A Path Of Self-Actualisation, Self-Awareness & Self-Realisation. (Readers May Refer To Individual Posts On NE’s For More Information)



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Mitul Vora

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