Discover Heaven On Earth

In life path one always encounters warmth, care, affection, kindness, love, empathy, compassion, form someone selflessly divine, giving direction, guidance, support, motivation, inspiration which ultimately creates a platform to bounce back. This act of kindness brings spark in one’s life, prepares oneself to face fears and encourages to lead better life. One in no time overcomes difficult time & climbs ladder of success.

It’s one’s choice or a decision to remain grateful or not to the received kindness which acted as a spark in one’s life. One who does not remains grateful confined to the selfish circle. One who remains grateful, naturally remains grounded and brings happiness not only to the selfless divine soul but to everyone else encountered in life. Kindness become way of life. Divine happiness is infectious and multiplies in fourfold. With the help of universal force One spreads happiness and kindness selflessly making world a better place to live, and in true sense everyone experiences & discovers heaven on earth.



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Mitul Vora