How To Achieve In Reality What We Dream ?

It Just Happens That We Are Unable To Transmute Our Thoughts Into Reality. Lot Many Times We Find A Big Gap And Sometimes A Valley Between What We Think And What We Actually Do. There Are Missing Elements & Links While Decoding Our Thoughts Into Actions Creating Scattered Results. How To Achieve In Reality What We Dream ? We Need To Focus And Understand Decoding Process And The Effectiveness Of Our Decoder, The Language Used In Programming This Decoder, The Version Of The Compiler And The Processor On Which It’s Running. Processor = Brain Generating & Processing Thoughts, Coder = Heart Coding Thoughts In Form Of Feelings, Compiler = Mind Or Conscious Mind & Decoder = Subconscious Mind. The Version Of Hardware And Software Represents Our Ability To Execute Our Thoughts Into Feelings Into Action And Into Results — Results In Reality. The Gap Between Thought & Reality Can Only Be Reduced By Constantly Upgrading & Maintaining Hardware And Software From Time To Time Bringing Out The Best, A Genius, From Within.

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