Pride — Power Centre

The Biggest Enemy Which Often Found Unnoticed And Lives With Human Throughout Their Lives Is None Other Than Pride, The Ego. It Thrives In Conscious Mind, Rules Over Intellect And Behaviour. Ego Is Nothing But Self-Esteem, Egotism, Self-Importance , It Is An Opinion About Oneself To Be Superior Than Others. Ego Weakens Thinking Capability, Creativity, Clarity. Ego Confines Oneself To A Typical Thinking Which Hampers One’s Growth. One Losses Its Ability To Learn And Improve On Continuous Basis. One Is Unable To See Their Own Wrong Doings And Everything Remains Superficial. With Pride In Mind One Considers Oneself As Power Centre But In Reality One Is Deprived With Universal Connections And Flow Of Energy. The Only Thing Which Can Break Pride Is Humility & Compassion. These Two Qualities Creates A Sense Of Understating On Universal Power And One’s True Nature & Purpose Which Is To Serve Humanity. When One Is Set To Move On This Path The Ego Or The Pride Vanishes, Setting One Self To Thrive In Self-Less Journey.



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Mitul Vora

Philanthropic Blogger & Entrepreneur. Thought For Success Imparts Happiness & Enhances Way Of Life, Empowering Readers With Creative Thoughts & Success Patterns